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Get insights into the financial realities of more than 1,800 public sector workers by reading the highlights from a 2017 survey.

Getting Back on Track: Financial Wellness in the Public Sector

This research program, sponsored by Prudential and developed by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), explores the concerns and aspirations of public sector workers and provides insights to help you financially prepare your employees for the future.

Helping Public Sector Workers Achieve a Future They Deserve

A majority of public sector workers rely on pensions for retirement income, but the promise of pensions is at risk. How can public sector employers help address this challenge?

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Survey Executive Summary

To explore the financial realities of public sector employees, the EIU surveyed over 1,800 public sector workers. The research focused on their financial literacy, attitudes toward pensions, approaches to financial planning and ability to fulfill their aspirations.

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Public Sector Perspectives

Get important insights from public sector leaders on their most pressing challenges and potential solutions to improve the lives of public sector workers now and in the future.

Making the Case: The Payoff of Financial Education in the Public Sector

Public employers can stand out from other workplaces by offering strong financial education to employees. It can boost job satisfaction, improve retention and help employees successfully plan for retirement.

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Public Pension Leaders Q&A: Paving the Path to Financial Wellness for Public Sector Workers

Offering a range of financial education and benefits communications programs can help employees become fiscally fit. Two public sector pension experts weigh in on best practices and more.

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New Communication with Public Sector Workers: Challenges and Rewards

For administrators of public sector retirement plans, there is an increasing need to develop better ways of reaching and teaching public employees. The payoff, however, comes in greater worker satisfaction and retention.

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