Retirement Should Be Something to Look Forward to

The old way of achieving a comfortable retirement doesn’t necessarily apply today. The way we see it, some simple changes can dramatically impact your employees’ ability to retire with confidence. With the right approach, a comfortable retirement can still be part of the American dream.

We Help Make Running a Public Sector Retirement Plan Easy

At Prudential Retirement®, we can help you transform your retirement plan so that even in today's uncertain landscape, your employees can look to the future with confidence. We understand that you need a plan that's easy to switch to, easy to administer and more importantly, provides an easy path for your participants to reach the comfortable retirement they deserve. Here's some of the ways we help make it easy:

High-Quality Investments

We offer an open architecture investment platform with access to a broad range of investment funds and managers, and an option that includes fiduciary coverage.

Better Particpant Engagement

By simplifying and demystifying retirement planning, we’ve helped many workers contribute more robustly to their plan and allocate their assets more effectively.

Asset Allocation Solutions

We provide a full range of asset allocation solutions to help employees grow their assets, protect their income stream from downside risk and guarantee income for life.

Smarter Recordkeeping and Compliance

Unforeseen hardships, special catchups and GASB40s are unique to the public sector and require special expertise. As a Prudential client, you can rely on a dedicated team to provide the strategic and consultative support needed so your plan can operate at its most efficient level.

Seamless Plan Transition

Prudential has transitioned thousands of plans, creating unique plan conversion strategies that win industry awards year after year1

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